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early 14c., originally a legal term meaning "formally laid down," from Old French positif (13c.) and directly from Latin positivus "settled by agreement, positive" (opposed to naturalis "natural"), from positus , past participle of ponere "put, place" (see position (n.)).

Sense of "absolute" is from mid-15c. Meaning in philosophy of "dealing only with facts" is from 1590s. Sense broadened to "expressed without qualification" (1590s), then "confident in opinion" (1660s); mathematical use is from 1704; in electricity, 1755. Psychological sense of "concentrating on what is constructive and good" is recorded from 1916.

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Arsene Wenger could head into the start of the new season with a front three consisting of Lacazette, Mahrez and Mesut Ozil.

Now if I say "Do NOT not eat!", I am saying I don't want you to starve, so I am back to saying "Eat!" (positive).

Yechury said Kovind was a spokesperson of the BJP. “He had directly opposed the Ranganath Misra committee’s recommendations. And he had called Muslims and Christians as alien to India. So he has got that background also,” Yechury said. In Kolkata, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said: “There are other big Dalit leaders in the country. Just because he (Kovind) was a leader of the BJP’s Dalit Morcha, they have nominated him.”

She nails it! I see she teaches younger students. Do not dismiss her those that teach older students. In 25 years I've taught 6-12, it works for all of them.

If your HER2 test results are HER2-negative, you may want to ask your doctor about how confident he or she is in the lab that did the HER2 testing and if another HER2 test might make sense for your unique situation.

Positive Express - Changin' TimesPositive Express - Changin' TimesPositive Express - Changin' TimesPositive Express - Changin' Times